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Polish Tech Day 2020 | July 8th | Navigating Uncertainty

Unexpected, global shocks, called black swans, have the potential to destroy an entire business or industry. Business models of pretty much all companies are then put under a serious test. Ideas and concepts that used to work a few years or even months ago can now be outdated or even utterly useless (no need to look far: travel, hospitality or many branches of retail are devastated and will probably never be the same again). Other business models and concepts are accelerated.

Digital transformation, personalisation, globalization… challenges of the 21st century which became very accustomed to and (kind of) got a hang of how to deal with them in an effective way. Enter a coronavirus pandemic and everything turns into madness.

Those are just a few concepts that we will be covering during this year Polish Tech Day.  The theme of the 2020 event is Navigating Uncertainty and VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity. 4 words describing the current business and economy landscape. And a reality we have to navigate in. In order to do it, we first need to understand it.

The conference consists of panel discussions and case studies defining the reality of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, reflecting its present relevance and considering possible responses of leaders and businesses.

The first part of the conference will discuss how to predict the unpredictable and what approaches could be taken to prepare for the unknown. Part two will focus on business models and responses to VUCA challenges through anti-fragility analysis. We will discuss how to identify parts of your company which could not withstand external shocks and how to protect from their consequences. Part three will focus on people and corporate culture. We will analyse different organisations' approaches to becoming more resilient and how to be a leader in this new, challenging reality.


  • VUCA environment and reality
  • Business Trends Analysis
  • Fragility in Every Business
  • Resilient Leaders and Organisation

Polish Tech Day includes also: 

  • Startup contest for polish startups Pitch To London
  • Award Gala where we announce Ambassadors of Polish Innovation Winners Gala which aims to recognize and promote the most globally impactful Polish technology entrepreneurs whose activities change the image of Poland and Poles in the world of technology.

Polish Tech Day 2020 is held fully online. More:


Polish Tech Day is the main platform for bilateral business relations between the Polish innovation and technology sectors and the rest of the world. Since its first edition in 2015, Polish Tech Days hosted over 150 speakers and 1500 of attendees, who have found here inspiration, business partners, key employees or funding for growth.

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